--Once you are logged in, click on the ‘Add New Quiz’ button which is on the left side of the page on Dashboard.

Then add the Quiz name and click on the Quiz type as personality.


select a theme for your Quiz or create from scratch.after that you can see the customized page of the Quiz.

This is the customize page of Quiz, now you can create your quiz as per requirement using the Add questions, lead form, CTA, and Result.

Add all nodes and connect to each other. Click on questions node or other node save the data. repeat process for every node.

For personality quiz as compulsory to save for two results or multiple results and branching question is not allowed for personality quiz type.

Then click on the Publish button after that you will go to the finish and embed page. 


 Now your Quiz is ready for the share and embed, just click on share and embed and choose your share option.